Cut from the bottom belly of the cow, Wagyu beef flank steaks are long, flat and flavorful cuts ideal for creating mouthwatering dishes. From Marbling score of 6 Australian Wagyu beef, each cut is liberally marbled with white streaks of fat that infuse the meat with juicy, succulent flavor during cooking. Much more tender and tasty than store-bought beef, Wagyu is also healthier, with lower saturated fats and higher omega-3s and omega-6s. Add a rub or marinade and then sear or grill for most delicious results.

Sanchoku is a Japanese philosophy which follows the principle of produce being “direct from the source”.  The long 300+ day grain feeding program of this Wagyu beef ensures a deliciously rich and buttery flavour and is one of the leading reasons why Sanchoku Wagyu can be found on some of the best menus in Singapore and afar.