Tatihou Oysters Fine de Claire N3

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Les Jardin Ostreicoles de Tatihou is an oyster company extending over an area of around eight hectares around the Normandy island of Tatihou, the oysters are farmed at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (Manche), in the heart of the Val-de-Saire, on the north-east coast of Cotentin.

Tatihou oysters are checked weekly for hygiene quality, and each stage is monitored and controlled. These oysters are farmed by hand by expert marine gardeners who are multi-talented, each able to operate each stage of the process from farming to maturing, quality controlling and eventually, packing.

Then N3 size has the average weight of about 75g/oyster. It is the most popular size as it is not too small nor too big for a single mouthful.

Tasting notes: Subtle nutty flavour, not milky, fleshy and with a bite. To be enjoyed throughout the year.


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Storage Temperature
Chilled (1-4°C)