Kaviari was founded more than 40 years ago by Raphael Bouchez and Jacque Nebot in the heart of Paris, France. Equipped with the knowledge and know how from original Iranian traditions, passed down from one generation to another, this family owned company is one of the most respected names in the caviar industry today. All Kaviari caviars are aged for a minimum of 3 months before being packed into their individually pasteurized tins.

Kaviari Oscietra Prestige Caviar 50g

Species Name: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
Common Name: Oscietra/Ossetra/ Russian Sturgeon
Roe Colour: Amber & Golden Brown
Roe Size: Medium (2-3.5mm)
Tasting notes: Long & delicate hazelnut flavours and subtle aromas of the sea. All around favourite.

Additional fun fact:
Did you know that since 2008, sturgeons are a protected species and wild caviar has been banned. All caviar available today around the world come from farms with tight regulations and are traceable.


Data sheet

Chilled (1-4°C)