Cinq Degres Ouest (5DO) company in Lorient, France brings together technology and family tradition of shellfish trading since 2010 to bring you products of exceptional quality.

5DO Frozen Canadian Lobster tail and claw is caught on coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and only the liveliest ones are brought back. Applying “High Pressure” expertise, 5DO has managed to remove the shell off the lobster while rapidly freezing them within 30 minutes, providing you just its meat without wastages while preserving its freshly caught nature

Packaging: Vacuum packed pair of claws and tail

Storage: Freeze -18c

Chef’s Tip:

Before thawing – Bake at 70c for 15 minutes in steam oven or sous vide

After thawing – Maximum 24 hours thawing at 0- 4c, bake at 70c in steam oven or sous vide, or just simply pan fry.


Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Frozen (-18°C)