Frozen Portioned Wagyu Rump MB6 Block (±1kg)

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Frozen Portioned Wagyu Rump Block Sanchoku MB6 (±1kg)


Stanbroke is a renowned meat brand established in Northern Queensland, Australia. By being a family owned and vertically integrated company, they are able to control each step of the production process, from breeding, feeding, and the selection of cattle to meet the demands of customers worldwide. We carry 3 brands from Stanbroke, namely SANCHOKU Wagyu, SIGNATURE BLACK ANGUS, and AUGUSTUS grain fed beef.

Sanchoku Wagyu D-Rump block is a muscle that comes from the end of the cow. It is a muscle that works very hard which makes it have a deep savoriness in flavour.  

Chef’s Tips: Wagyu Rump is most commonly cooked as a rump steak by pan searing or grilling. Roasting it in the oven is also suggested after breaking it down into smaller cuts.


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Frozen (-18°C)

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