Sacla started in Asti over eighty years ago. Inspired by the bounty of amazing food grown in Piedmonte, North West Italy, the company’s founders were compelled to share it with the world. From humble beginnings of vegetable canning, Sacla has blossomed into one of Italy’s most progressive food companies, devoted to the making of the finest of Italian foods.

Sacla Fiery Chili Pesto ingredients list:

Peppers 30% (SULPHITES), tomato paste, sunflower seed oil, parsley, ALMONDS, cheese (MILK), garlic, chilli pepper 1,7% (dried, sliced), pepper flakes, salt, rice syrup, acidity regulator: lactic acid, black pepper, thyme, aniseed.

Storage remarks: Keeps in the refrigerator for 2 weeks after opening.

**Allergens are in BOLD**


Data sheet

Cool & Dry (16-18°C)