This premium mustard comes from Meaux, a commune in the Seine-et-Marne, France. It is located 60km from Paris and is home to Les Assaisonnements Briards, a world renowned producer of the famous Pommery® Mustard, especially the Moutard de Meaux® Pommery®.

The recipe and secret of this highly sought after mustard was passed on to J.B. Pommery by the Chanoines (Canons/Priests). In 1890, the Pommery family remained the only ones to continue making this mustard.

Firemen's Mustard Pommery® in Stoneware Jar (250g) makes a great addition to our collection with its super spicy flavor that packs a punch from the chilli peppers. 

Works great with Tex Mex cuisines, or fire up your dressing and sauces to compliment your salads, fish and meat dishes.

Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, natural flavour pepper,preservative : sodium bisulphite


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