Terre Exotique, has been modeled over the years to become a worldwide delicatessen. They bring together culinary and botanical traditions, discovering the gastronomic treasures of the world. From the plant to your plate.

This Espelette Chilli pepper's aromas of tomato, hay and pepper are delicate and subtle, almost fleeting.

Harvested between the end of August and October, the red fruit are oven-dried, where they are turned every 6 hours, then festoons of the peppers are hung outside local houses to dry out further before being ground down to a powder. 

The pepper has a spicy and fruity flavour, its warm and sharp aroma reflect the light-hearted ambiance of the Basque country.

A delicious companion in both sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect match for omelettes, salads, bread and even chocolate.


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