Plantin is based at the heart of the French truffle region, with easy access to the main markets for the freshest truffles. Marcel Plantin started Maison Plantin in the heart of Provence in 1930. Since it started, this family business established itself as the main supplier of truffles to the grand tables throughout Europe. Provenance is crucial, and almost 90 years experience, Plantin guarantees the best in their truffles and dried mushrooms.

Plantin offers a range of seasonal truffles all year round with the best Black Winter, Summer & Autumn truffles. They also offer a large range of truffle products as an alternative to fresh truffles available all year round. Plantin are particularly famed for the purity of their truffle oil.

This salsa recipe is made from button mushrooms and summer truffles, and can be used as a sauce (for your pasta, eggs, risottos, etc.) or an ingredient for pizzas, creams, bechamel sauce, marinades and the like. It is ready to use – simply add to your concoctions! Use this summer truffle-flavoured sauce 3% any way you please. It will enhance any dish of your choice or make a deliciously fragrant base.


Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Cool & Dry (16-18°C)