Pasta Zara has more than a century of history and has always been run by the Bragagnolo family, today at its fourth generation. A business continuing successfully which transformed a small factory to a company leader in the world.

They use the best durum wheat semolina to offer a genuine product and bring to you the flavour and taste of the real Italian pasta. The water they use for all production lines is pure spring water from the nearby Dolomites. Their pasta is subjected to scrupulous quality tests on a daily basis to always ensure the best taste on tables all over the world.

Quality remains one of the key features of Pasta Zara’s products, by integrating tradition and innovation. The quality of their product goes hand with hand with food safety, in order to guarantee absolute transparency to the consumers. With state of the art production lines and automated warehouses, Pasta Zara distributes more than 13 million portions in 100 countries worldwide.

Pasta Zara

Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Cool & Dry (16-18°C)