St Michel is an independent, family-owned French company that started in 1905. They are dedicated to making satisfying and delicious biscuits and pastries with an artisan approach and consistently high quality. With over 100 years of experience and know-how, St Michel is extremely proud to be baking biscuits and pastries that speak of France’s good food heritage. 

Enjoy a selection of iconic pastries that are easy to re-heat to offer freshly baked products on demand and to avoid waste. Perfect for your breakfast, buffet, afternoon tea, coffee and snack time offerings. The hen has been St Michel’s brand icon and formed part of their logo since 1905. St Michel strongly believes that to make good cakes, good eggs are necessary! Aside from using only French wheat flour and good quality butter, the eggs are a key ingredient, particularly for making madeleines which is why St Michel uses eggs laid by cage-free eggs in all of their recipes.

The classic Commercy Madeleine! Famous for its history, its recipe containing the finest eggs results in a lovely golden colour. Its traditional shape, with its distinctive bump, make it a delightfully indulgent treat. It boasts a soft, melt-in-the mouth texture and is individually wrapped to retain all its freshness.


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