Maison Ponthier is the second largest fruit puree producer in France with over 70 years of experience in fruit products focusing on single variety and single origin fruit which are harvested their ripest stage, and without colouring, preservatives, nor flavourings.

Mandarin Puree made from mandarins sourced from Sicily whose volcanic terroir produces the best quality citrus fruits. This 100% pure Mandarin Puree is well balanced, aromatic, and yields a bright colour.

Tip: Ponthier Mandarin Puree matches nicely with pear, mango, dark chocolate, and green aniseed.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C. After defrosting, store at +2°C/+4°C and use within 15 days. Do not refreeze once thawed.

This product is Halal-certified.


Data sheet

Frozen (-18°C)