Bonduelle is a French family-run business founded in 1853 with the aim of supporting and feeding humanity as the company is promoting vegetables as the mainstay of the diets of the future. Bonduelle’s goal to make organic vegetables accessible and desirable for everyone by improving well-being through plant-based food. Bonduelle’s organic vegetables are harvested at maturity and cooked immediately, where they are 100% grown, harvested and prepared in France, giving consumers natural vegetables with no addictive.

Bonduelle Frozen Supersweet Corn Kernels is pre-steamed before freezing to retains all the natural benefits. This process is used as it preserves all the nutritional qualities of the vegetable. Your dishes retain the fantastic flavours of the vegetables, as well as their texture and colour. Above all, no extra salt is added as it may affect their natural properties. It is suitable for cooking straight from the freezer.


Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Frozen (-18°C)