Mazzer Robur S Electronic Grinder (Pure White)

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Tech specs

Grinding on demand, electronic dose adjustment, ventilation with electronic control.

Power                                            800 Watt

Grinding adjustment                       stepless micrometrical

Burrs                                             conical burrs 71mm (ref.186C)

Grinding burrs speed                      420 rpm (50 Hz) - 500 rpm (60Hz)

Average grinding speed                  1s / 5g

Body                                             aluminium die casting

Hopper capacity                             1.6kg (3.5 lbs)

Net Weight                                    28kg

Equipment features                        GFC kit, IoT, tamping support base, manual tamper

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  • Uniform coffee grounds and consistent dosing
  • Retention reduced by 52%
  • High-performance for high-volume coffee shops with average grinding speed of 1s / 5g
  • Easy to clean. Access the grinding chamber with no loss of grind settings.
  • Tailor-built cooling system with double fan. Low rpm: 420 (50Hz), 500 (60Hz)
  • User-friendly Memory Track system to index grind settings.
  • Adjustable portafilter holder. Grind hands-free and center the flow in your basket
  • GFC - Grind Flow Control helps you get uniform coffee grounds in your portafilter while keeping grounds from getting on the counter. Removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with 3 interchangeable wire dampers. Choose the best wire damper for you according to coffeee origin, roast profile, weather conditions or barista preferences.

New Features

  • 19 Lanuguage Control Panel with wide viewing angle
  • Programmable single, double, and triple dose buttons
  • Steps of a hundredth of a second
  • Total and partial dose counter
  • Programmable pause function in between grinding
  • Manual grinding mode
  • Ability to set up a maximum dose cap
  • Daily grinding statistics
  • Alerts on service needs, worn burrs.
  • Firmware upgrades
  • IoT Functionalities - Wherever you are, be connected to your grinder on your cloud. Thanks to the internet- connectable platform data about your grinder is remotely easily accessible. You'll be able to monitor any and all of your grinders' output, keep up with maintenance needs, and improve the quality of your coffee in a scientific way using data tracked by the grinder

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