Mazzer Major VP Electronic Grinder (Pure White)

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Tech specs

Grinding on demand, electronic dose adjustnent, ventilation with electronic control

Power                                            650 Watt

Grinding adjustment                       stepless micrometrical

Burrs                                             flat burrs 83mm (3 1/4 inches) (ref.151H)

Grinding burrs speed                      900 rpm (50 Hz) - 1080 rpm (60Hz)

Body                                             aluminium die casting

Hopper capacity                             1.6kg (3.5 lbs)

Net Weight                                    20.5kg - (45.2 lbs)

Equipment features                        GFC - IoT

Optional features                           hang-support for tamping, manual tamper

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The Major VP features red details to underline the sporty character of this grinder. The aluminium ring over the Memory Track is anodized in red along with the circle around the knurled knob. The back metal plate is embellished with a red line painted around the Mazzer logo. The Mazzer Major VP is the fastest grinder of the V line. The Major VP brings together power and gentleness thanks to innovative technologies which allow for higher grinding speeds with lower RPM (revolutions per minute). It is the best choice for high volume coffee shops looking for a flat burr grinder fast while still gentle with the coffee beans to get full bodied extractions rich in flavor and taste. Thanks to the high torque asynchronous motor (900 rmp @50Hz) the Major VP is designed to grind high volumes of coffee without overheating to preserve taste and aromatic compounds in the cup. The lower- revolution motor results in less noise and a longer lifespan for the grinder and its ocomponents. Tailor made double fan cooling system. 


  • Consistently centers the flow of grinds into the basket with a fully adjustable portafilter holder
  • Grind hands-free with the portafilter-activated grind button
  • No loss of grind setting with the easy-to-clean grinding chamber.
  • Index your grind settings with the Memory Track System (MTS)
  • Grind Flow Control (GFC) reduces the electrostatic charge in the ground coffee and prevents clumping, It is composed of a removable aluminium outlet insert which holds interchangeable and easy-to-clean wire dampers to give dynamic control over the flow of coffee
  • Tailor-made 83mm flat burrs re-engineered with high performing materials that make the grinder faster while giving it a longer lifespan. The special high carbon steel selected reduces thermal strain, which results in sharper geometries to get a uniform grind size distribution.
  • The Major VP grinds coffee uniformly and doses grinds consistently to give drinkers a replicable taste experience from shot to shot.
  • More than 94% of the grinder weight comes from sustainable premium materials making it, not only durable but also easy to recycle and eco-friendly.

New Features

  • 19 Lanuguage Control Panel with wide viewing angle
  • Programmable single, double, and triple dose buttons
  • Steps of a hundredth of a second
  • Total and partial dose counter
  • Programmable pause function in between grinding
  • Manual grinding mode
  • Ability to set up a maximum dose cap
  • Daily grinding statistics
  • Alerts on service needs, worn burrs.
  • Firmware upgrades
  • IoT Functionalities - Wherever you are, be connected to your grinder on your cloud. You'll be able to monitor any and all of your grinders' output, keep up with maintenance needs.

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