This blue cheese from southeastern France is creamier than Roquefort, due to the fact that it is made from cow's milk rather that goat's. The terrain near Auvergne is craggy and desolate, thus better-suited to raising goats than cows. Even so, the region manages to produce enough cow's milk to eke out its small annual production of Blue d'Auvergne. It has a combination of buttery, creamy, grassy, herbaceous, salty, spicy and tangy flavor. The blue veins created by injecting Penicilium glaucum for the pungent taste. This cheese is great crumbled on a tossed salad. You can pair it with a small piece on a slice of apple for a healthy midday snack. 


Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Chilled (1-4°C)
Minimum Shelf Life
30 - 45 days
Cheese Type
Cow's milk cheese