Discover a unique flavour in Valrhona's Pure Origin Grenada Kalingo hot chocolate mix. This 65 % dark chocolate has fruity banana, vanilla-infused notes that connoisseurs of all ages will love!

Add a spoon or two of praliné for an ultra-indulgent hot chocolate. It’s a beautiful pairing for pleasant moments. Here is a recipe for a perfect hot chocolate for this festive season.

Ingredients for 2 people: 


  1. Heat the milk with praline.
  2. Whisk in the chocolate until you obtain a foamy smooth texture.
  3. Enjoy it warm.

With this recipe you will discover the unique flavour of our hot chocolate mix and have it at it’s best. 

Valrhona Pure Grenada Hot Chocolate Mix will be appreciated by kids and adults on a cold Christmas day. 

Valrhona is a B Corp certified. The company is part of a global movement of companies that place people and the planet above profit.


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Cool & Dry (16-18°C)