Valrhona is one of the finest chocolate producers in the world, originating from the small village of Tain L'Hermitage, France since 1922. This prestigious chocolate brand is renowned for its expertise in creating top quality chocolates and is the brand of choice for pastry chefs and artisans.

Valrhona Mariage de Grands Crus Blends Range. P125 Coeur de Guanaja 80% is known as a chocolate concentrate due to its high cocoa content. Using the same blend of luxury cocoas as Guanaja, P125 Coeur de Guanaja is not as sweet but has a reinforced aromatic power from its higher cocoa powder content.

This product is Halal-certified. Store in a cool (16-18°C) and dry place.


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Cool & Dry (16-18°C)
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