Dammann Frères, with headquarters in Orgeval in the Parisian region, was the first company to introduce tea in France in 1962 and to implement tea with natural flavouring in the early ‘50s. Dammann Frères produces a vast selection of exclusive tea mixtures of individual origin and flavoured teas. Their expertise is to select and prepare teas and herbal teas whose flavour and quality are praised by all.

"Lointains" Gift Set contains a tea brewer, three flavored teas and an infusion of delicious floral and fruity flavors.

315 - Bali: green tea, jasmine green tea, flower petals, flavors (lychee, grapefruit, bush peach) and rose essential oil, 30 g

13 - Jasmin Chung Hao: green tea and jasmine flowers, 30 g

20 - Passion de Fleurs: white tea, flower petals, flavors (apricot, passion fruit) and rose essential oil, 15 g

405 - Carcadet Passion Framboise: hibiscus flowers, rosehip peel, apple bits, raspberry bits,  flower petals, flavors (raspberry, passion fruit), 30 g


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Storage Temperature
Cool & Dry (16-18°C)