Since 1997, Bridor has been a partner to the Maison Lenôtre, designing high-quality breads and pastries for over 20 years to create original products for a high-end clientele. In 2010, Bridor has been a partner to Frederic Lalos, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France) to create a range of great breads bearing his name. Bridor is at the origin of the finest bakery and pastry collection dedicated for professionals, with products made by highly qualified teams in compliance with the rules of artisanal baking: slow kneading, respect for dough, gentle rolling, and slow fermentation. 

Bridor’s R&D and quality teams work daily for the well-being of their customers in mind. Easy-to-understand recipes are made of natural and essential baking ingredients; flour, butter, water, yeast, eggs, chocolate, salt, sugar and sourdough under the CLEAN LABEL from Bridor. Their commitment to better eating is also illustrated through lesser salt around -25% across the Collections of bread with an already limited salt content. Aside from only using 100% organic French wheat, all of Bridor’s products are made from certified production sites with IFS and BRC food quality and safety standards.

Croissant 60g is the crisp and flaky, with a light, tender and buttery interior. This classic Croissant is truly the icon of French expertise in pastry making. It is pre-proofed, egg-washed, and ready-to-bake.


1. Tray arrangement : 12 items on a tray

2. Defrosting : approximately 30-45 min at room temperature

3. Baking : approximately 15-17 min at 165-170°C, open damper

4. Cooling : 15 min at room temperature

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C until ready to use. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Note: Each oven has its own characteristics. We suggest you record all parameters giving the best results baking with your equipment.


Data sheet

Storage Temperature
Frozen (-18°C)
Shelf Life
12 months