Foie gras with baby potatoes

Foie gras with baby potatoes

Easy - 5 Min

  • style Dish type: Meat & Poultry
  • poll Difficulty: Easy
  • access_time Preparation time: 5 min
  • timer Cooking time: 20 min
  • place Region: France
  • euro_symbol Cost: AED 208.00

Recipe offered by Chef Gilles Bosquet. Thanks to him!


Simple and delicious! Cook your foie gras with baby potatoes in just few steps.


- Foie gras 500 GR

- Baby potatoes

- A l'Olivier fig pulp vinegar

- Salt

- Pepper

- Rosemary

- Flour

Cooking steps:

1. With a hot knife blade, make one cut in the foie gras

2. Add salt and pepper to it

3. Cover it with flour

4. Place the foie gras in a pan with a bit of oil

5. Pour some fig pulp vinegar on it, both sides

6. Place the foie gras in your oven for 5 min. at 200'C

7. Cook your baby potatoes into a hot pan with rosemary, add some salt and pepper

Our tip: serve your foie gras with the baby potatoes on a plate with micro-cress herbs, as a decoration!

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Ingredients Quantity Price
Frozen Foie Gras Deveined +/- 500 GR AED 122.50
Rosemary 100 GR /Bunch AED 12.00
Out of stock Natural Fleur de Sel 90 GR AED 23.00
Sarawak Black Pepper From Malaysia 70 GR AED 23.75
Fruit Pulp Vinegar "Fig" 200 ML AED 26.75