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All you need to know about Caviar!
   12/23/2020     Recipes , Fish & Seafood Recipes    0 Comments
All you need to know about Caviar!

How to store caviar?

Caviar is sensitive to temperature variations. Sealed, the tin must be kept flat in the upper part, at the bottom of the refrigerator. And not in the door, which is subject to drafts and temperature variations... Take out the caviar at the last moment. Careful, once opened, the caviar should be consumed within 24 to 48 hours.

How to serve caviar?

Take out the caviar at the last moment. It is not necessary to open the tin in advance, on the contrary, the opening is part of the ceremony in front of your guests. To open the box, pry it open with a caviar key or a coin. To keep its freshness during the tasting, place the caviar box on a bed of crushed ice. If you do not have a caviar set, simply place the ice in a nice bowl or shallow plate.

How to taste caviar?

It is not necessarily essential to add condiments, a good caviar is enough on its own. Moreover, it is only by tasting it on its own that you can appreciate all its subtleties... Then taste the caviar, alone, with a spoon. Use mother-of-pearl, porcelain or wooden spoons, but do not use any metal that distorts the taste of the caviar in the mouth. Or on the hand, "à la royale": place a few grains of caviar at the joint of the thumb and forefinger, on the skin, and swallow; such a neutral way of tasting caviar because, for you, the skin has no smell or taste.

What to drink with caviar?

Accompany your caviar tasting with a Champagne brut (or extra-brut) or a dry white wine, rather mineral. Or even a chilled vodka for the most refined caviars.

And in the kitchen?

If tasting caviar alone, with a spoon, is the simplest way to (re)-discover all its subtleties, you can also taste it in the kitchen, as an appetizer or on a dish. And some associations are worth the detour! But if you don't want to take any risks, choose neutral tastes: ratte potato and crème fraiche, eggs (soft-boiled, calf...), etc. And for the most others: oysters, ceviche of fish or meat tartar...


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